Finding Your Passions: A Guide

Overcoming the Adult ADHD Motivation Gap: Part 2

How do we find our Primary, Driving Passion that’s rising from the “intersection of multiple curiosities” to “pull us outside of our self”, giving birth to our Purpose?

“He who knows others is wise;

He who knows himself is enlightened” -Lao Tzu

Positive Matching

Think of the things in life you look forward to. You yearn for them. They make the effort of otherwise unpleasant tasks easier. They make life brighter & worth living.

Think of two to five times or situations in life where you consistently experienced things like this.

  • What were those things? List them out.
  • Was it the activity that really lit you up? Or was it the role you played? Was it both? Can you realistically see yourself doing that same activity for the long-haul for 40 years? What about the role?
  • What were the impacts & outcomes of these things? Quantify where possible ($$$, number of people impacted, etc.).
  • Qualitative Outcomes: How did accomplishing this make you feel? How did others feel about it? Ask as many questions as possible.

Paint a vivid picture.

The Way of Negation

What are the things that if DON’T do them, you feel like you die inside?

When you’re not doing these things, everything else starts unravelling.

Overlays & Intersections

Look across the things you just uncovered. What are the common threads? Where do these curiosities, interests, & passions intersect?

Once we’ve nailed down our Driving Passions, Intersections, & Overlaps…. What do we do?

Next Up

The Right Way to Leverage Your Primary Driving Passions.



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Jeremy is an ADHD Coach exploring intersections of ADHD & Neurodiversity with Peak Performance Frameworks, Routines, & Strategies, including Flow States.